testata elevatore 1982Pennati Costruzioni Meccaniche was founded in 1922 for the design and construction of conveyor belts, elevators and screw conveyors for the handling of bulk solid materials.
Over the decades we have specialized in grinding, that has now become our main activity with the design and construction of multiple types of mills suitable for grinding a wide range of materials: the flagship model is the Birullo mill, flanked by hammer mills, blade mills, cylinders mills, pin pulverzirs: they allow to pulverize, granulate, crush or refine any type of product.
Inspired by the philosophy of continuous improvement, the original project of the Birullo mill has undergone substantial changes that have improved its performance and facilitated operation and adjustments thanks to electronic control systems that allow fully automatic operation.
The design evolution has also involved the technology of calcination of gypsum. Customization with design and constrction one one side, and post sales services on the on the other side, are our main targets, in order to fulfill the customer’s requirements and specifications and face the new challenges.