Lista delle referenze per impianti completi

    Località Scopo della fornitura
    Milano - Italy Hatches and doors for solids waste storage
    Milano - Italy Fly ashes crushing and screening
    Brescia - Italy Ashes hydraulic extraction device from silo bottom
    Argentina Petcoke fine pulverization plant - Aluminum Production
    Parma - Italy Hot ashes conveyng system
    Ragusa - Italy Grinding Plant clay
    Marghera - Italy Gypsum pulverization
    Termoli - Italy Gypsum storage and handling system
    Barletta - Italy Glazing machine
    Torino - Italy Pneumatic transfer and filtering system
    Sudan Seeds fine pulverization plant
    Reutilizing Resin Glass Glass resin and glass - crushing and handling
    Lecce - Italy Sodium bicarbonate fine pulverization plant
    Termoli - Italy Gypsum pulverization plant
    Firenze - Italy Storage Plant and light fraction drying of Solid Waste
    Solid Waste Catanzaro Mining - screening conveying plant
    Sardegna (Italy) Salt handling and crushing plant
    Spain Screening Plant Grinding of cells
    Milano - Italy Grinding Plant and blending slurries for foundry
    Inertizing plant - Milano Muds inertizing plant
    Lodi - Milano - Italy Grinding Plant bicarbonate
    Ascoli Piceno - Italy Petcoke fine pulverization plant - Aluminiun Production
    Fusina - Italy Crust ashes grinding mills - power station
    Savona - Italy Crust ashes grinding mills - power station
    Vado L. - Italy Crust ashes grinding mills - power station
    Sardegna - Italy Crust ashes grinding mills - power station
    Ravenna - Italy Bag travelling motion Plant
    China Paraformaldehyde crushing and conveying
    Macomer - Italy Ash handling and screening - incinerator plant
    Verona - Italy Solid waste Screening Plant
    Barhain Pneumatic transfer system - Water remineralization
    Ravenna - Italy NPK fertilizer crushing
    Novi Ligure - Italy Slat floor conveyor Roller conveyor - steel production
    Catanzaro - Italy Inertizing ashes Plant
    Sichuan - China Urea handling - bucket elevator
    Bergamo - Italy Handling and pulverization - Resins production
    Jordan Magnesium oxide handling system
    Brescia - Italy Muds inertizing plant
    Potenza - Italy Grinding Plant - silica film
    Belgium Conveying and powder compacting system - fumaric acid
    Verbania - Italy Fine pulverization plant - Pet
    Lipari - Italy Handling and pulverization - Pumice production
    U.A.E. Lime and phosphate handling - Water remineralization
    Pakistan Urea handling system
    Sardegna - Italy Bucket Elevators, chain conveyors, rotary dryer - gypsum
    Sichuan - China Urea handling - bucket elevator
    Milano - Italy Handling system - fumaric acid
    Nanjing - China Eureka pitch crushing and handling system
    Pollenza - Italy Crushing and shredding system - solid waste recycling plant
    Pollenza - Italy Drying and handling plant - solid waste recycling plant
    Nanjing - China Ammonia Urea Crushing & Mixing Section
    Catanzaro - Italy Drying and handling plant - solid waste recovery
    Matera - Italy Alumina metering and handling
    Saudi Arabia Calcium Carbonate Pulverization Plant
    Milano - Italy Fine pulverization plant - activated carbon
    Saudi Arabia Plaster burning and pulverization plant